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Maths and English Tutoring Near Me

Maths and English Tutoring Near Me

Australia Wide
(Australian Curriculum)

Busy parents always ask - where can I find Maths and English tutoring near me? Finding the right tutor for your child can be challenging, let alone finding one close to home. At Kinetic Education, we have struck the perfect balance of quality tutoring that is flexible and convenient. Our online tutoring program offers your child personalised lesson plans and one-on-one tutor support in the comfort of their own home. Our program aims to address your child's knowledge gaps, helping them to catch up and gain back their confidence. Following the national curriculum for Maths and English, we ensure we cover everything your child needs to know.

Combines Tutors & Online Learning

Kinetic Education combines real tutors and online learning to create the best learning experience for your child. We aim to help children become independent learners, whilst also giving them the one-on-one tutor support they need. Using screen-share technology and over-the-phone support, our tutors are able to guide your child to reach their full potential. With over 35,000 interactive lessons and games developed by expert educators, our program is sure to help your child no matter what stage they are at.

K-12: All Grades - All Levels of Ability

We cater to school-aged children of all skill levels from Kindergarten to Year 12. Whether your child is struggling or needs to be challenged, our Maths and English tutoring helps your child develop the skills they need to reach their learning goals. At Kinetic Education we know that every child is different and needs different levels of support, that is why we use a personalised way of learning. Your child's journey with Kinetic begins with an assessment that covers the National Curriculum and guides the way we tutor your child. With personalised lessons and one-on-one support, our tutors are able to guide and monitor your child's progress to ensure they stay on track.

Tutoring from Home - No Driving and Waiting Required

With Kinetic Education your child gets tutoring from the comfort of their own home. Our tutoring program is designed to work around your family's busy schedules, allowing your child the freedom to create their own tutoring routine. Easily accessible from either a laptop or tablet, our program ensures that your child can learn in the environment that suits them best. With Kinetic Education, your child can learn anywhere, at any time.

So Easy - Fits Into Busy Timetables - Short Sessions

We understand that it is not always easy to get children to sit and learn at home after a long day at school. That's why we designed our Maths and English personalised lesson plans to be completed in short focused sessions. Studies show that studying in short sessions is the most effective way to retain information and improve your understanding over time. This not only helps your child improve, but it is a flexible and convenient program that fits around your family's busy schedule.

Are Kinetic Education's Tutors Near Me?

Kinetic Education's online tutoring program offers a flexible and accessible way to study anywhere in Australia. As long as your child has access to a reliable internet connection, they are good to go! Our programs are designed to run on both laptops and tablets and can be accessed through our website. With Kinetic Education, learning has never been easier or more convenient. Access our tutoring service from anywhere at any time that suits your family.

Tutoring from $29/wk for the family*
Enquire here to learn more and receive 2 weeks free tutoring+

+ By entering your details, you give Kinetic Education permission to contact you to discuss its tutoring via phone and/or email and record such communication for training and compliance purposes. You understand that the 2 weeks free tutoring is only available to children that have not previously received any free tutoring from Kinetic Education.