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Proven Results

Proven Results

Helping children Australia-Wide for over 30 years Helping children Australia-Wide
for over 30 years

We cater for all school children with our personalised online tutoring.
We have sorted our reviews based on topics.
Struggling Students It can be challenging for children who are struggling academically to keep up in the classroom, particularly if they lack confidence. These children often have weak foundations and are not prepared to learn the material being taught.

At Kinetic Education, we offer an assessment to identify your child's learning gaps and where they begin. Then, we take your child back to their level and create a personalised learning plan just for them. Our online learning programs, in combination with our expert tutors and rewards program, will provide your child with the confidence to learn and try. For the first time in a while, your child will start to answer questions correctly and feel more confident in their Maths and English skills. They will catch up and become more confident, which will be reflected in their classroom performance.

See below how we have been able to help countless struggling students over the years.

Kinetic Education Maths bought our 3 children from struggle street to success A change in school program led us to find out all 3 of our children were up to 18 months behind in Maths! Our eldest was going into grade 7 but had gaps back to grade 5 level, and our twins into grade 6 and had gaps at grade 4 level! Amanda Bude View on ProductReview
Finally found what we need!! Kinetic Education is what I have been looking for in a tutoring program for years! It has taken my 9 year old back to basics and is beginning to fill the holes in her knowledge. Every week I see she is making an improvement. I could not be happier with the program, easy to use and great tasks. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s child is struggling. Emily D View on ProductReview
Impressed by this online tutoring program! After struggling for a while in yr 9 math my daughter is now addressing her learning gaps and can improve on certain topics in her own time. I have seen her confidence grow and she gets so excited when she gets it right. The program offers clear instructions and hints to aid the student and there is enough repetition to support the learnings. I highly recommend Kinetic! Daniela A View on ProductReview
Can’t live without this program!!! My daughter loves working through these lessons which has given back her self-confidence and a passion for learning. The weekly reports and follow up calls give me an understanding of her progress and see where she has learning gaps that can be worked on! It’s such a wonderful progressive program that’s so easy and fun to use they achieve results quickly. Life changing!! Marianne G View on ProductReview
Massive Turning point Just wanted to share how kinetic education helped me in a massive way. I was in such a hard place with my children and their education after the loss of their dear mother, who home schooled them. After years of interruption, trauma and hardship, I found this program and its wonderful staff. They help me gain a steady routine, support me along the way and most of all the children are doing great and ready to enrol at a school in their respective year levels. The kids love doing the work and are learning while having fun. Kinetic education has given us a massive turning point in life. I'm so thankful for you all. I highly and absolutely recommend kinetic education to anyone. Ross View on ProductReview
Best Online Tutorials I'm so happy with progress of my boy under Kinetic Education lesson plans. He is doing really well with his maths and English. After getting tutorials from the Kinetic Education his skills has build up and always happy to finish his work. Tutors are so friendly and very professional, they are so helpful and always happy help out. I fully recommend Kinetic Education to the parents if your child are struggling with maths and English. Lekh View on ProductReview
Just what we needed This is been incredible for our son. He was struggling with Yr 5 maths and English. He was assessed at around a Yr 3/4 level. In 6months he has gone from struggling to doing yr 7 English and yr 6 maths. He loves Kinetic, and I don’t have to argue with him to complete it. The added bonus of rewards that kids actually love is perfection. Aimee K View on ProductReview
Best thing I ever did for my daughter My 11 year old daughter was struggling with maths, until this program came along. I honestly didn't realise how far she had fallen behind until we did the assessment through year 6 student had been slipping through the cracks since grade 3! But since being with kinetic education, she has been striving forward and actually enjoying maths again! We owe these guys the biggest thankyou for helping our daughter and recommend it for any other parents who have kids struggling in maths. It is inexpensive and doesn't take a whole lot of time from your child to complete their weekly tasks. And there is rewards they can work towards! Take the won't regret it! Katrina C View on ProductReview
Best tutor program I have seen My son was struggling a bit in year 8 C’s and D’s after doing the mathematics lessons for 12 month it has increased his marks up to A’s and B’s and has built his confidence in other subjects as well. Very happy wish this course would recommend to anyone. Brenden View on ProductReview
Great improvement Ever since my son started with kinetic Education, he has improved so much. He now take the initiative of doing his homework without being reminded, his grades have gone high. Especially maths since he was struggling with it. He even got an academic award in his second term. We can't thank kinetic Education enough for their helping hand to my son's success throughout this year and we will continue to work with kinetic Education throughout my son's school time.

We are very grateful with kinetic Education staff who are very professional, kind and always ready to help whenever we called in for help and if we didn't talk them, they will take their time to check on how my son is going and if there is any help my son needs. So I will recommend kinetic Education to any parent whose child may be struggling with their Maths or English etc. Thank you very kinetic Education.
Rosemary Juwan View on ProductReview
Highly recommended My 2 boys have been with kinetic education for about 6 months. Not only have they caught up to their current year level, they have exceeded beyond their year level which is amazing. I am very happy with kinetic education. My boys gaps have closed, their confidence has improved and they are no longer struggling. Brown View on ProductReview
Advanced Students For those who are looking to continue to strive further forward, Kinetic Education can be a great fit. To begin with, our online Maths tutors & online English tutors will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child. If there are any gaps, we will quickly address those before challenging them and advancing them through the curriculum at their pace. Many of our advanced students are preparing for selective school entry, scholarships, ATAR and other end of school exams, as well as being in accelerated learning programs.

Take a look below at the ways in which we have supported high-achieving students to continue making progress.

Best Australian Educational Program By Far!!!! We have been using this program now for over a year. I have 4 children all with different abilities. Caters for the most advanced right through to child that struggles at school. Graeme, tutor, is amazing and on top of progress of each child, making adjustments as we go. Children enjoy the learning as it's interactive and relevant. We have used other teaching programs but have not seen results like Kinetic has achieved. Affordable and actually works. Can't praise it enough! Connie View on ProductReview
Definitely worth it! For children that are high achievers or are more advanced than their current year at school... kinetic gives that little extra to keep them going and striving for more! Being able to cater for the individual need through the great tutors over the phone is fantastic! You tell them what works and what doesn’t work and they will deliver! Kinetic has enabled my child to be a high achiever in both school and outside school! He is able to work closely with the teacher to mentor and guide his peers in class that require extra help! Thank you to the team at kinetic education for giving my child a great start to education! Diana View on ProductReview
This will be the best product you could buy for your children! Not only is this an amazing product which makes learning Mathematics and English easy and fun, the tutoring and support from the team exceeded my expectations. You get professional support and great results. I have been using this product myself from when I was in grade 3. I am now in Year 12 about to sit my HSC and I am confident that this product has taught me more than what my teachers have taught me through the years. I have even achieved A grades! When I was in Year 6 I was already beginning to complete the 12th grade English program because I was enjoying how Kinetic taught the information. I am now in the top Advanced English course and very proud of my academic achievements. As a student thriving from this product, I strongly recommend this to any other child willing to succeed. Angelica View on ProductReview
Now we have tried it, we will NEVER go back! My son started less than a year ago, with some fundamental gaps in his maths from grades 3 upwards. He is now doing year6/7 maths, and in English he is doing senior high school work! That's years 11/12! Couldn't be happier with this AMAZING tutoring program, and my son's huge leaps and advances have been all due to kinetic! Iman D View on ProductReview
Kinetic Education Tuition The service provided by Kinetic Education for our son has been invaluable. The issues were addressed from where the gaps in understanding began. The staff are very helpful and flexible with payment arrangements when necessary and very informative on catch up calls. Our child is now advancing greatly in his approach to work at school. All content is agreeable with a child's ability and also offers them the chance to push a little or do more. Great service. Thank you. Alan D View on ProductReview
A must have for all families! This is perfect for families that have children that are struggling at school, that want to extend their child further or if their child wants to perform better in class which will help them to have more self esteem if it's lacking. I have one son who needed extension work with maths and was very bored at school doing maths and he now has his passion back for maths! It has also benefited his English too. My younger son has Autism and this is great for him as he is a visual learner and the tutorial at the start really helps him to understand the concept. It was definitely not easy at the start with Hamish as he could only sit for around 10 minutes, but now he can do it for 1 hour which is amazing. The tutors have been extremely helpful to help us explain things to him that he wasn't understanding or grasping the concept. Kinetic Education has fit in our life well as we are very busy with after school activities and we are able to do it before and after activities and know when the best time is for them to concentrate and are able to do it in the comfort of your own home. The boys also love working towards getting their rewards like movie vouchers, iTunes vouchers etc. Kristy R View on ProductReview
Extension Learning My kids find this program is able to offer extension activities that build on the work they are doing at school. Sherree Cavanagh View on ProductReview
Great program for extension My son is academically gifted and he doesn't frequently get the extension he needs in the school classroom. Kinetic app has been providing him more opportunities to extend himself. The content is clear as well that he can learn himself without assistance. I like how it tracks the competency and keep repeating until they master the lesson. Thilini View on ProductReview
Homeschool Families Kinetic Education is helping make life easier for homeschool families all over Australia. If you're looking for homeschool support, we can help. We are able to help your child with Maths or English with dedicated personalised learning and support - to support your current homeschool setting.

A homeschool must Kinetic Education allowed my son to regain his confidence in learning after disengagement from school. The program was perfect for identifying gaps in previous Learning as well as providing profession A homeschool must as a support for children who struggle with self-confidence and classroom learning. Homeschool mum View on ProductReview
Lifesaver in our homeschool journey! Very satisfied with the course content. It has helped my kids become confident learners. My eldest has become independent with her work and my youngest is finally starting to feel like she is a capable learner after many years of low self-esteem with maths & english. Tammy.W View on ProductReview
Homeschooling must have We homeschooled our 2 eldest children for majority of 2022 and used kinetic as our main math and English units. It was accepted as curriculum and was easy to access even from in the car when we were on adventures. They returned to school and both kids were above where they needed to be and thriving still. Thanks kinetic. Jason Yard View on ProductReview
An essential part of our homeschooling routine This has taken the guess work and planning for Math and English off my shoulders for our homeschooling. My kids went from having little interest in these areas to now asking to do extra tasks each week! Just signed up their younger sibling who is just as keen to get started. Amanda Davies View on ProductReview
Assigned Tutor The program provided me more confidence from our assigned tutor. If I had not have received a call from Leah, the kids would not have started the course. It was the push and direction they needed. Homeschooling is challenging & the follow up was exactly what was needed. The encouragement from everyone helped me, which reflects on the commitment and integrity of Kinetic. Mel KC View on ProductReview
Just what we needed! We joined Kinetic Education to help my homeschooled daughter boost her maths skills. The program was easy to use and had very friendly tutors to talk to over the phone whilst using an interactive whiteboard, whenever we needed them. My daughter was very apprehensive when it came to math but the program found where her gaps in knowledge were and worked on consolidating that base knowledge. Thankfully this program in addition to my daughter's motivation and us working through the national math text books, she went from a C- standard in math to a B+ / A- standard and earned her place at the Grammar school we had our eyes on! We were happy with the service, cost (where else will you find unlimited tutoring and a personalised program for only $26/wk ?!), and outcome... Thanks Kinetic Education :) Mrs Vidot View on ProductReview
Thank God for Kinetic! We reached out for something strong & thorough in reading, writing & arithmetic when COVID homeschooling revealed significant gaps in our little angels’ understanding & confidence with the basics - and now they’re beginning to soar! Candice V View on ProductReview
This program has changed our life! We chose to try Kinetic as we noticed our 9 year old seemed to be struggling with his grade 4 homeschooling (Covid-19 times) and we were worried he wasn’t at the level he should be. We couldn’t get over the change in him in just two weeks. The building blocks test found out what he had missed in previous years and created a specialised program just for him. His confidence has tripled and he is now nailing his regular school work. The points system that Kinetic use to encourage him have worked wonders. He has now started a similar points system at home and does all the household chores without being asked. Adam his tutor checks in regularly to make sure he is getting the most out of the program. Can not recommend this program more highly. Mieke Jade View on ProductReview
Well worth the money spent on tutoring! Kinetic Education has been fantastic for my Grade 4 and Grade 2 children. My older child was behind in maths since Grade 2 and I only realised this during the Victorian lockdown and my homeschooling of her (much to my horror). Kinetic has slowly built up her confidence in herself, and brought her to the curriculum standard that she should be at. My son was the "freebie" child and he has maintained and now exceeded his level of maths, and is happy to be involved in tutoring as well as it reinforces his confidence in maths.

The online format is suitable for kids who are used to screens, and there is enough variety to keep them interested. The explanations seem quite clear and age-appropriate. Any lesson that they have not performed well at is repeated and scaled down a bit so they have a chance to grasp it at another time. The tutors are accessible by phone and guide the kids rather than taking over. My kids are comfortable talking to them independently and as a parent I appreciate the phone calls from the staff who let us know how the kids have performed, and their strengths and weaknesses.

One of the best things about Kinetic is that all this tutoring continues at home whilst I am at work so it doesn't require any driving, waiting or being present. Plus the kids are motivated by the vouchers that are offered with the reward points! I highly recommend Kinetic as an affordable (much cheaper than some other options that I researched), extensive and educational support for school kids.
Melbourne Mum View on ProductReview
Professional, polite & effective!! My children's math has improved so much since employing the services of Kinetic Education. Struggling with school-based teaching methods, they identify the gap in the child's understanding, and then attack the problem from another angle. This allows the child that grasp the concept and also then understand and learn several methods, which is of great benefit to the child, even from a life skills perspective. During COVID (and home schooling) , i also had th opportunity to HEAR some of the instructors on phone calls with my daughter and it was so nice to hear how they dealt and communicated with her. Very patient and treated her like a grown-up rather than a 10yr old. I think she really appreciated that. Thanks so much guys. Keep up the good work!! Pom bloke View on ProductReview
Kinetic Education really helped with home schooling We home schooled our son for 15 months, and using the Kinetic Education service we were able to ensure he continued progressing with his maths and english. The Maths Doctor capability meant we were able to identify some early gaps in his maths education, which were then rectified over the year. He went from average Year 3 maths skill, to working on Year 8 skills during that time. The tutoring service was also excellent although we struggled to get our son to use it as much as he should have. Would highly recommend to others. Josh View on ProductReview
Best ever! We use Kinetic Education to support our home schooling journey. I cannot be happier with their online system and my kids love it. Steph Lang View on ProductReview
Kids loved it and found it helpful My 4 kids loved kinetic education, the lessons, the games and the rewards. This was a big help during home schooling and the tutors were great if my kids needed help. My youngest got a confidence booster from this platform over the years. I would definitely recommend joining your kids with kinetic education. Areta V View on ProductReview
Started during covid home schooling and now it is part of the homework routine The content is very good. The way the kids move forward through it is easy and user friendly. Weekly reports show me how they went with the current content and we chat about any difficult modules. The maths doctor assessment and great at identifying gaps and we then address them with the tutor, I also show their teachers at school. The tutors ring regularly and we discuss progress for each child and reassess and set content based on their abilities. I feel it is very much a partnership between the tutors, parents and students. Desma View on ProductReview
Learning Difficulties At Kinetic Education, we understand the importance of personalised learning for children with additional learning needs. Typically we find children with extra learning needs love technology and respond great to our learning programs. In most cases, we will recommend regular short sessions of no longer than 15 to 20 mins. We're here to help build that confidence and continue positive reinforcement in a comfortable environment.

Our tutors are experienced with various learning difficulties, and how we combine our online learning platform with one-on-one tutoring has seen tremendous results for thousands of children across Australia.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Attention disorders (ADHD)
  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia)
  • Asperger's Syndrome
Child with ADHD/Anxiety - Success! We are so happy with this program! Our 10yr old has severe ADHD and Anxiety and we have struggled for years with homework. Homework efforts would result in tears and frustration but now we have a child who actively engages in his online lessons and celebrates his achievements. He is gaining confidence and is starting to catch up to his year level. We can't wait to see what the future holds and to see him reach his potential! Carolyn View on ProductReview
Wished we joined earlier! We started kinetic education a few months ago. We never expected such outstanding results. We saw an improvement from week one! Our child has ASD and ADHD and has always needed a little more help. We have not looked back since joining Kinetic Education. Our daughters school even approached us asking what we were doing as our daughter had advanced in such a short amount of time. Our daughter quickly went from shutting down during maths to achieving 100% on maths sheets and tests. We can't thank this program enough. L.Mowbray View on ProductReview
Amazing improvement in confidence My 8 year old (ASD, ADHD) started in January this year and we are already seeing a dramatic improvement in his confidence - everyday last year i had to personally take him to his classroom where he would beg me not to leave him there plus every night and morning he would beg not to go to school. Since starting with Kinetic Education he rarely begs not to go to school and i have not had to take him to his classroom at all. I can also leave the schoolgrounds prior to the bell going. He also admits that the lessons are really helping him. can't wait to see how much more he can achieve. Janine View on ProductReview
Brilliant Product & Service We have been so amazed by the progress our child has made in just 12 weeks! Our son had many gaps in his learning in maths and English and although in year 8 at school was scoring at a year 6 level - with the help of Om (his tutor) and regular sessions 4 - 5 times a week, our son has made massive gains - and best of all, his confidence, particularly in maths has increased. His test scores at school have also reflected a huge improvement! Our son loves it as he is motivated by the promise of gift cards from Kinetic Education to spend on the things he enjoys. Our son has Autism and ADHD and this style of learning has been just what he needed!! Tracey K View on ProductReview
Better and better My son, Chase (12 yrs), was diagnosed with autism and adhd at 6 yrs of age. Schooling has been difficult, as he has changed school a few times (at no fault of his own), and some schools have not been forthcoming with assistance and patience. This has resulted in low self-esteem for Chase, a lack of friendships due to self-doubt and an inability to find patience with himself and others. Since starting Kinetic Education, about 4 months ago, Chase has not only grown in self-esteem and patience, but he has also grown in his interactions and friendships with those he is around. Even while Kinetic Education has the incentives to inspire a child to learn, ie; points, extra learning, games and prizes, this is not the main part Chase enjoys.... It's the end of each section when he sees how well he has done, that makes it worthwhile. The smile and squeal of excitement displayed, makes it so very worth it. Kinetic Education is a service I will always be grateful for, and glad to know. Caryl Webb View on ProductReview
Amazing progress so far! My 2 sons both commenced Kinetic tutoring at the start of this year. One in Year 1 and the other in year 2. My son in year 2 really struggles with school (ADHD diagnosis also) and his end of year report last year was all below average for year 1 except for 1 subject where he was scored an average. Last year the same son attended weekly a face to face 1 hour tutoring session and unfortunately saw no improvement in his grades. I thought I’d give online tutoring a go this year although my expectations were low as I wasn’t sure online tutoring was suitable for my son. Well wasn’t I blown away when my sons mid year school report came back with all average marks and he is tracking exactly where he should be at this stage of year 2. I’m looking forward to seeing the end of year report as he is completing his units each week and doing well in them and his confidence has significantly risen. My other son was already tracking above average prior to commencing Kinetic and continues to at school however as there was no extra charge for him at his age why not and he loves it. Lana View on ProductReview
Great resource A great program that helped my son, who has autism, close his learning gaps. He started at a grade 2 level and after 1 year on the program was at a grade 6 level. It also helped my daughter solidify her knowledge. They loved the incentives as well so it was great motivation for them to complete their lessons each week. The program was so flexible, as I was able to change the number of lessons from time to time if the kids were busy with other commitments. Highly recommend Kinetic Education. Adriana View on ProductReview
Really helpful for kids with learning difficulties We started Kinetic in May this year and the progress we have seen is amazing. Our daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia last year. This made things clearer to us, as she was so far behind in school by 3 year levels. She recently retested and now has solid understanding and is behind only by a small area in her current year level. Showing her these results has boosted her confidence and her drive to try. Thank you. Mum of 5 View on ProductReview
What every parent wants and needs!! Fantastic program for my 13 year old son. While there are a few small things that could be changed to help my son individually - the program as a whole has been fantastic. His clarity and confidence has grown immensely- so much so, even other have commented on the change. The program adjusts each week to help my son to go over things he’s missed or not learnt, as well as new content to challenge his skill level. To see our son with learning difficulties excited and determined to do his math and English is what every parent wants and needs!! Amanda View on ProductReview
Great program! I didn’t have huge expectations of this helping my daughter who has an ID and learning difficulties, but after just 6mths using Kinetic Maths we have seen gains and her confidence has soared!! So glad we found this and I would highly recommend anyone considering it to give it a go! Amanda View on ProductReview
Exceeding expectations!! I am so pleased to see both of my daughters (Yr 4 & Yr 5) who were extremely anxious about maths now have confidence in themselves. My oldest daughter is now taking on difficult maths extension questions and with the help and guidance from her friendly tutors Amy & Daniel who have been absolutely brilliant when explaining these problems (ones I had no idea how to assist with). The friendly nature of these tutors has brought smiles to our faces and she now feels more confident in making the call for assistance on her own. My youngest daughter who has learning difficulties and slow processing speed is nailing questions I never believed she would get her head around. With the repetition of these problems going into her long term memory her speed has been improving and her confidence has increased remarkably. The questions have been in line with the curriculum which is great when they say they have been learning this at school. The tutors continue to check in and see if there are any questions or concerns and it is great to see their progress with the weekly reports. Thanks Kinetic!! Jen View on ProductReview
An awesome program for any student of any ability! This is a fantastic program to help any student in their educational journey. Having two children with learning disabilities I have found this program very useful to help them keep up with the subject matter they have learnt at school and not understood. Doing the weekly activities has meant that we tend to cover math and literacy concepts before the class. This enables my children to be familiar with the work and feel positive that they can do the work, instead of being frustrated that they don’t understand the subject content. The course is engaging and keeps up with the curriculum and it focuses on the children’s areas of weakness and improves these areas. We have been doing this program for five years now and I have just enrolled my eldest child into years 7-8. Thank you Kinetic education for helping my children achieve the academic grades they are truly capable of. Leigh View on ProductReview
Busy Families Finding time for tutoring can be challenging, especially when you have a busy family life. At Kinetic Education, we understand this and strive to work around your hectic schedules. Our online lessons are short and can be accessed at any time that suits your child's convenience. We take pride in being able to cater to even the busiest of families.

Take a look at how we have helped other busy families in the past.

It works!! My 2 children (year 4 and year 6) have both participated in Kinetic’s tutoring program this year and I’ve been really pleased with their progress. There has been noticeable gains in their grades and confidence in the classroom. The program is simple, easy to fit in around busy lives, and the support you receive is great. Highly recommend. Christie View on ProductReview
Perfect fit for my children! After trialing other math tutoring options, this has been the perfect fit for my children and me (just quietly). From the start, Kinetic met my children where they were at mathematically and focuses on their key learning needs. They have been engaged the whole way through. Kinetic makes it easy to follow and perform tasks in the comfort of your own home. With visual tools to aid learning, online tutors and a point system resulting in rewards, it's a total learning framework. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kinetic. Give it a go! Georgina View on ProductReview
Perfect education support for busy parents! We are pleased to have the support from Kinetic Education. My daughter is regularly practising maths and English through their system. She is happy and stress free, we are stress free too! Stress free Mum View on ProductReview
Great online tutoring option for busy families We like the fact that the tutoring can be aligned or tailored with what school is teaching in a particular class. Allowing my child to relate work back to class work. Donn View on ProductReview
Self-paced, tailored learning suits busy family Every week there are reports generated so that I could track the progress of my son. He started to make phone calls to his tutors when he needed help. Having tutor-learner interaction is a great bonus for online learning method. Crystal M View on ProductReview
This is Perfect for school children This is so useful and so practical for busy families like me. And also my daughter love this and enjoys. Very practical way for her to understand and her performance increases very well. Tutors are very supportive for my child and myself. Very happy of choosing this. Ruchini View on ProductReview
Great option for at home tutoring This has been a great option for our busy family- my boys have the spectrum with one being well advanced and the other filling in his English gaps.... both are engaged, progressing and the person approach of the human tutor checking in provides the adjustments that computer only programs could never provide. Belinda T View on ProductReview
Exam Preparation Students are preparing for exams and tests all the way through school. At Kinetic Education, we will be able to prepare your child for their upcoming exam (we have over 200 tests available) and beyond with our long-term approach to learning. NAPLAN, VCE/HSC, ICAS, GATE, Opportunity, Selective School tests and exams.

Kinetic Education Highly Recommended!! Thank you Kinetic Education! You have been a blessing for both of my children using this program. It has boosted confidence back in my children's learning. My oldest son will be sitting an exam for a Opportunity Class next year and my daughter has caught back up to her required Year Level. My daughter struggled through her first year of schooling (Kindy) due to Covid 19 and lockdowns. My daughter could not grasp the idea of home learning and using the technology to complete her work. Kinetic Education is very user friendly for children - easy to navigate through their learning. Thank you Kinetic Education. Highly Recommend!!!! Elyse W View on ProductReview
Interactive online lessons and feedback to parents My son has been doing both English and Math tutoring for 9 months now. He had quite a few gaps in his knowledge at the beginning. The first exam picked this up and whilst this was concerning the lessons have been working slowly to fill in those gaps as well as build his confidence in learning. I have been able to illustrate to both my son and his school teachers the progress he has been able to make during this time. I found the interface quite easy to use, I didn't experience any of the issues others have commented on. The phone call support is available if the student or parent needs further explanation. I view the weekly reports on my iphone or android device without issue. I receive regular calls from my contact to discuss my son's progress. I suggest you ask for a trial to experience the system. I highly recommend Kinetic Education and our school now does too. Traae View on ProductReview
Really good I am really thankful to kinetic Education. I am happy with the progress of my 2 kids under Kinetic Education lesson plans. My initial plan was to keep them busy, later I found it helps him many way like NAPLAN . My boy is doing really well with his maths and English. Teachers are friendly, professional and very helpful. I fully recommend Kinetic Education program. Navdeep Kaur View on ProductReview
Great product for kids to consolidate and improve knowledge Content and content revision to needs is excellent. Style and format really helped my children improve and reduce their anxiety for tests (especially Naplan). Initial assessment is great to highlight strengths and weaknesses. Satisfied parents View on ProductReview
Excellent program for kids! I am happy with the progress of my boy under Kinetic Education lesson plans. My initial plan was to keep him busy, later I found it helps him many way specially when he took ICAS exam! Without knowing but preparing himself for online exams! He is doing really well with his maths and English. Teachers are friendly, professional and very helpful. I fully recommend Kinetic Education program! L.Mir View on ProductReview
Excellent My son is doing a year ahead in Maths and English, with the help of the tutor he is preparing for the selective school exam. Happy for joining in kinetic. Karthik View on ProductReview
Amazing program.. The education department needs to allow children to access this program at school I was introduced to kinetic education back in 2015, when I was told my daughter was failing at school and needed a tutor. Having worked as a teacher's aide I changed my employment hours to suit my children's needs after school and trialed kinetic education for 3 months.. in those three months my children's performance at school started to change, their confidence in the knowledge they were learning in kinetic helped them to answer questions in class. After the 3 month trial was over I signed up for 12 months in for both my children in this time one of my children had their naplan tests, the results were amazing, obtaining not only top in her school but coming top 10% nationally for literacy, writing and reading was just awesome. I have now signed my children up to kinetic for the full package.

The kinetic tutors not only set reasonable lesson plans they adapt them to what their teachers are delivering in class so they are aware before the teacher delivers that section of the curriculum. The tutors are happy to speak to my children on a regular basis to help encourage my children in keeping up to date with their lessons. My children also love the competitions and spending their points in the shop. I'm very grateful for being introduced to this program.
Kim View on ProductReview
Magical!! This program changed my perspective on learning programs forever! My once struggling child exceeded in her naplan tests achieving above average of the school rate! Wow! I highly recommend this being an addition to every child's homework!!! Lile View on ProductReview
Student Reviews
For each subject, after a topic was completed in class, I would use the program to build and deepen my understanding of each topic. The multiple choice questions reinforced the core concepts and I found the theory at the start of each topic to be extremely beneficial towards my studies since it outlined simply what I needed to have a grasp of. Sherry • Commerce/Law
The 'Maths and English Wiz' programs assisted me with school and were easy to use. I found that what I had learned at school was reinforced with the lessons in the program when I got back home. It allows you to review any key concepts at home so you can be sure you understand them. I liked the fact that it allowed me to prepare for outcomes and exams. Ingrid • Dental Health
Before using the program I was failing English, now I’m getting 75%. In Maths I was getting 80%, but now I’m getting 100%. I topped the class; I even corrected the teacher with Algebra on more than one occasion! I’m really happy with that. I’m feeling a lot of confidence now. Masrur • Year 11 Student
Maths Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring... When I started using Maths Wiz, it was fantastic, I went from a C to a B minus, to a B plus, to an A. Ebony • Grade 5 Student
I enjoy using the program. I like that I learn new things and that if I mess up on something the computer always gives me another try so I can understand it more. In the English lessons, I like games like Hangman. It’s fun to learn while playing games. Mercedes • Grade 4 Student
I like how it helps me learn and helps me with school when I'm stuck. Maths Wiz helps me a lot with the tutorial explaining everything I need to know. No one at school knew how to do Integers and I was the only person in class who knew how to do them because I had studied ahead. RJ • Grade 6 Student
Maths Wiz and English Wiz has provided me with knowledge to improve my academic ability which in turn has assisted me to be awarded one of my school's academic scholarships. Nada • Academic Scholarship
Educational Authorities
You can learn at your own pace; and then it's not like when a teacher asks you a question, you get it wrong, then you get embarrassed. Here, the computer asks you and doesn't judge you. If you get it wrong, you just simply go back, learn a bit more progressively; so, it's a very safe way of learning, and yet it's fun at the same time. It's interactive. Dr Peter Shephard • Ph. D., D. Lit -Leading Authority on the Psychology of Learning
A lot of children start off school just as smart as any other but for some reason their readiness isn't available for them to learn something that might be a Maths series or some phonics or some reading and then they never get to catch up. They're always feeling that they're not good enough. They're always feeling that the other kids are smarter than them and they need some special help... Maths and English Wiz can give parents a great sense of direction and a sense of structured involvement, which will give them great satisfaction. Dr Janet Hall • Clinical and Counselling Psychologist
I am most impressed that, using the program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the 'hard work' which is generally associated with learning Maths through conventional methods. They feel that they are succeeding and success breeds success. George Moran • School Principal
On a personal level and as a teacher who genuinely loves Maths, I have no hesitation in recommending Maths Wiz to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive and extensive Maths programme for school children to improve their Maths skills, understanding of key concepts as well as boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Leena Sheth • School Teacher
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