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The Kinetic Education Story

We have now helped over 78,000 children in Australia, since starting over 28 years ago. Integral to our success and programs is the tutor support we provide to parents and families – in many ways we are like a Tutor School, so we can only look after a certain number of families at any given time.

Kinetic Education was founded by a husband and wife team whose own child was struggling with a hearing problem. An operation fixed his deafness, but he had missed out on the precious early years of learning and struggled badly when he started school. Mary, an experienced Maths teacher and editor, teamed up with her husband Bharat, a Maths graduate and computer programmer, to write some simple programs to help their son. They were astounded by how quickly he picked up the concepts from using the computer. They believed that with the right support any child can learn, and that has always been the focus of the company. This attitude, belief and focus has no doubt been the reason behind our great success in helping children to catch up and even excel.

Our lesson design and teaching pedagogy have been developed in consultation with teachers, principals, university lecturers, educational experts and psychologists. By using technology to teach, in a fun and engaging way, we aim to give every child the chance to succeed in school and achieve their goals.

Our friendly tutors, who are only a phone call away, closely monitor your child's progress and provide advice and support so that you can be confident that they are on the right track. Our team loves hearing from all the families whose children have benefited from our tutoring programs and we are committed to constantly improving our programs and the way our tutors interact with the next generation of Australian students.

Our Mission

Dedicated to providing the highest quality of literacy and numeracy products, making them accessible to all school age children, so that they can have better career choices and an improved quality of life.

Some of our partners over the journey