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Maths Tutoring K-12: Australian Curriculum

We combine real maths tutors with our online, Maths Wiz program, developed here in Australia for Australian Students. We teach children “how to think" maths, we continuously assess your child and provide all the extra practise and revision your child needs.

Our maths tutors make sure your child is working on a learning plan made especially for them and never get stuck. When combined with our rewards program, you can be confident your child has all the support and encouragement they need to reach their potential.

We assess your child and every Monday we will create a learning plan, especially for your child - no guessing what to do next – so easy to learn.    VIEW ENGLISH

Maths Tutoring starts with identifying your childs level

When a student enrols in our Maths Tutoring, the first thing we do, is an online assessment with MATHS DOCTOR, to identify what your child does and does not know of the Australian Curriculum. Most importantly, we will identify if there are any learning gaps holding your child back.

Personalised learning

Every Monday we will set your child activities to complete for the week using Maths Wiz. The activities are selected especially for your child based on their assessment result and progress. That way you know your child is working at the level right for them and they are being guided through the Curriculum at their pace. With our maths tutoring there are essentially three (3) phases of learning.

  • Revision and catch up: When starting with Kinetic Education, the lesson plan will target the knowledge gaps identified by the assessment. By filling these gaps children become much more confident and ready to learn what is being taught in class.
  • Consolidation: Once the child has caught up, they are ready to consolidate and practise what is being taught in class. This is a very exciting time for children as they are beginning to "get it".
  • Extension: Once they have consolidated what is being taught in class, children are ready to start progressing ahead of the class. These kids begin to find school much easier and saves them time doing school homework.

Real Maths Tutors

When joining Kinetic Education your family is assigned a tutor. Your tutor is responsible for making sure your children get off to a great start and oversees the personalised learning plan set for your child.

Our weekly lesson plans ensure that children have the support and direction they need to work at their own pace throughout the curriculum. Even though every activity provides instant feedback, and Maths Wiz teaches, skill builds, revises and tests your child, we realise that sometimes children need even more help.

That's where our maths tutors step in, when your child needs that extra bit of help and encouragement, you can speak to a real tutor. Our tutors can even share their screen, with your child, so they can see and hear the explanation. It's just like being in the same room together.

Our tutors are also on hand for parents. Parents can call our tutors to discuss their child’s educational needs and progress as well as the weekly reports we provide you. We have tutors for all year levels

  • No additional charge for help from the tutors.
  • No getting stuck with learning. Tutors are available up to 10 hrs/wk
  • Tutors use latest screen sharing technology to more clearly explain concepts to children.


We get that most kids are not ready to understand the big picture. So they need extra motivation to help them get into regular study habits.

With Kinetic Education we reward your child with points as they learn. The cool thing is they get to spend these points to enter competitions; to win real prizes or even better, buy real prizes such as Smiggle gift cards, movie tickets and WISH gift cards.

That combined with their weekly lesson plans – helps create great study habits and gets results.

"Concepts that normally take up to 2 weeks in the classroom to teach, children can learn in 20 mins"
- George Moran, School Principal
How Maths Wiz works
Maths Wiz is at the core of our tutoring. Maths Wiz is a teaching, testing and revision program which utilises the power of the computer to engage children, making learning interactive and fun. It is developed here in Australia and supports the Australian Curriculum and State specific year 11 and 12 Maths courses.
Maths Wiz: Junior Primary
Give your child a flying start with this fun to use program.
  • Combines reading, listening, learning and playing.
  • Recorded voices for beginner readers.
  • Interactive questions with every lesson.
  • Makes Maths easy and fun.
  • Instant feedback.
Maths Wiz: Upper Primary
Many children fall behind in primary and never catch up. Don't let this happen to your child!
  • Watch your child gain confidence and self-esteem.
  • Look and listen - animations and commentaries.
  • Engaging activities which support the whole Australian Curriculum.
  • Maths games - beat the clock and meet the challenge.
  • Includes worded questions.
  • Step by step solutions teach children to think Maths.
  • Ongoing assessment, so you can see your child improve.
Maths Wiz: Secondary Maths
Learning maths is like building a brick wall with building bricks of knowledge. If some of these bricks are left out, the wall will crumble and the student may lose confidence and start guessing. Maths Wiz helps build a strong foundation with no knowledge gaps.
  • Never get stuck – every question is fully explained.
  • A very structured course, supporting the curriculum.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Keeps track of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Includes worded questions.
  • Ongoing assessment so you can see your child improve.
Maths Wiz: Senior Maths
Most people think that maths is a tough subject. But maths can be fun and you can be sure of top marks if you practice your maths.
  • Improve your maths and your career options.
  • Structured with interactive help.
  • Thousands of worked solutions to prepare you for exams.
  • Keeps track of your revision needs.
  • Helps see the whole picture – you know exactly what you need to learn.
  • Supports VCE, HSC, WACE, SACE, ACT, TAS and NT.
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Our Programs Include:
Maths Wiz
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