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+ By entering your details, you give Kinetic Education permission to contact you to discuss its tutoring via phone and/or email and record such communication for training and compliance purposes. You understand that the 2 weeks free tutoring is only available to children that have not previously received any free tutoring from Kinetic Education.

Real tutors and technology available online.
Every child can learn.

Learning is like building a brick wall. With strong foundations and the right support, every child can learn Maths and English online. When your child starts with Kinetic Education, we do an assessment to identify any knowledge gaps holding your child back from reaching their potential. We will then create a lesson plan especially for your child to do from home on their tablet or computer. Every Monday your child will be given new activities especially for them - so they always know what to do next.

Just watch your child’s confidence grow as they catch up in class. Advanced children are able to thrive and get ahead. It is that easy with Kinetic Education. This is all backed up with the support of our online tutors. If your child is ever stuck and needs that little bit of extra help, one of our tutors can help them straight away.    READ MORE

  Struggling students  

  Intermediate students  

  Advanced students  

  Special needs  

  Home schooling  

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Struggling Students – How do we help?

It can be very tough for struggling children, to catch up in the classroom. Especially since they tend to be low in confidence. Typically, these children have weak foundations and they are not ready to learn what is being taught in the classroom.

With Kinetic Education we will do an assessment to identify the gaps and where they start. We will then take your child back to their level and create a learning plan especially for your child.

Our online learning programs combined with our tutors and rewards program will give your child the confidence to try and learn. For the first time in a long time, your child will start to get questions right and will start to feel better about their Maths and English. They will catch up and become more confident, and this will soon start to show in the classroom.

"Most children will learn much better.
It's interactive, individualised, special and it works."
- Dr Janet Hall, Clinical and Counselling Psychologist.
Intermediate Students –
Is average enough?

These students have the capacity to be far better than "OK" given the right support. However, without the right support there is a risk they can fall behind and lose confidence altogether.

We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child to identify the topics holding your child back. We will then create a learning plan to fix those problem areas. Once we have caught up, we will start consolidating what your child is doing in School and start introducing them to topics before the they do them in class.

By combining our online Maths and English tutoring programs with our tutors, we can help ensure your child has all the support they need to be better than just OK.

Advanced Students –
Striving for excellence

To begin with, our online Maths tutors & online English tutors will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your child. If there are any gaps, we will quickly address those before challenging them and advancing them through the curriculum at their pace. By combining our online learning programs with our tutors, you can be confident your child has all the support they need to reach their potential in Maths and English.

  • Improved confidence and understanding. 
  • Great for children in accelerated learning programs. 
  • Great for Selective School entry preparation. 
  • Great for Scholarship exam preparation. 
  • Improved ATAR. 
"Maths Wiz has helped me to be awarded one
of my school's academic scholarships."
- Nadia, academic scholarship.
Special needs

We have had great success with children with special needs. We have helped children with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ADD, ODD, Autism, Aspergers etc...

Typically we find these children love technology and respond great to our learning programs. In most cases we will recommend regular short sessions of no longer than 15 to 20 mins.

Naturally every child’s special needs are different. Prior to starting your child we have a chat with you to discuss whether our tutoring solution will be a great fit for your special needs child.

In addition, to ensure our tutoring is the right fit for your child, we give 2 weeks free so you can see for yourself how your child responds to our personalised learning program.

Contact our team to discuss
how we can help your child.
Home schooling - Desperately trying to home school your kids?

We can take all the worries off your hands.

  • All the help you need for Maths and English.
  • No more stressing about what to do next.
  • No need to try and teach yourself first.
  • Your children are engaged and enjoy learning.
  • All the help you need, wherever you are.

Our programs are written by Australians to support the Australian way of life. Whatever the reason you decided to home school, we can make life easier for you.

The beauty of learning with Kinetic Education is that you are not tied to a time or a place. Your children can learn wherever and whenever you want.

All you need is to occasionally have access to a good internet connection. No fixed times, just when convenient. The Kinetic Education learning programs run on computer or tablet and, if needed, you can contact our help lines from your mobile phone.

We do an online assessment to identify your child’s level and then create a learning plan especially to suit your child’s needs. Every week we will set your child activities, based on what they are ready for. These will automatically open on your computer in their very own Weekly Lesson Plan. As their knowledge grows, they gain confidence and do better and better.

"The tutors were very engaged with my child at all
times which helped immensely with their learning."
- C.Chohan, parent.

We give full curriculum support (hundreds of lessons and activities) for the Australian Maths Curriculum, at any school year level. With Kinetic Education you can be sure that they are not missing out on anything they need to know. And you, as a parent, have the support of our educational advisors.

As our Maths and English online tutoring programs are designed to be done from the comfort of your home, it comes as no surprise that many parents choose us to help with their homeschooling teaching program.

So many happy families


"Maths Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring because you can follow what you’re doing at school and sometimes you can even skip ahead a bit and so when you get to learning that at school you already know it."

Ebony, Grade 5 Student

"The programs can give parents a great sense of direction and a sense of structured involvement which will give them great satisfaction. Most children will learn much better. It’s interactive, individualized, special, and it works."

Dr Janet Hall, Psychologist

"I found the programs to be equivalent to a personal tutor for me. I managed to attain not only a high score, but a deep feeling of satisfaction in that I had done my best and had gone beyond my limits."

Sherry, Grade 12 Student

"I am most impressed that, using the Maths Wiz program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the 'hard work' which is generally associated with learning mathematics through the conventional methods."

George Moran, Principal

"To me it's better than school as it's a lot more fun. I really enjoy using the computer. I try and use the program every week and I do get most of my activities done. I'm feeling happier about my studies."

Georgia, Grade 6

"Maths Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring because you can follow what you’re doing at school and sometimes you can even skip ahead a bit and so when you get to learning that at school you already know it."

Ebony, Grade 5 Student

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